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City and municipality in the Province of Liège, the capital of the  German-Speaking community  and also the capital of the Euroregion Meuse-Rhine


  • 19 494  inhabitants
  • Total area is 103.74 km2
  • Foreign Population – 3123 persons (16%), thereof 1358 are German (6,9%).

Economic History:    

  • Textile manufacturing       
  • Cable Manufacturingin Kabelwerk Eupen  


Economic backbone: 

  • Cable Manufacturingin Kabelwerk Eupen       
  • Plastic processingfactories
  • Production of drypaper-makingfelts
  • Chocolate production
  • Services




Immigration in Belgium


After 1945

Recruiting of foreigner workers:
from Italy
Bilateral agreements with Spain (1956), Greece (1957), Morocco and Turkey (1964), Tunisia (1969), Algeria (1970), Yugoslavia (1970).
1974 – official stop of recruiting of foreign workers

From 1974 till 1991

Family reunification
Foreign students

Since 1991

asylum seekers

Asylum seekers in Belgium (1993 – 2013)

Source: annual report of CGRA



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The participants from Eupen

  • Achim Nahl, the commission of Coexistence of cultures, city of Eupen

  • Stephan Mathieu, the social and economical consil (WSR)

  • Johannes Funk, Oikos VoG

  • Johannes Burggraef, Projektplan, Economical and RegionalConsulting

  • Nadège Hilgers-Kouleikina, Integration consulting, city of Eupen