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  • 42041 inhabitants

  • 13,62 km2

Wattrelos is a town in the Nord department in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. It is part of Lille Métropole Urban Community (1.2 million inhabitants) and Eurométropole Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai which has over 2 million inhabitants. Wattrelos is located on the Belgian border, immediate neighbor of Mouscron, 14 km from Lille, 15 km from Menin, 17 km of Kortrijk and 200 km from Paris. Wattrelos is near the towns of Roubaix and Tourcoing.
Wattrelos is the fifth city of the Lille Métropole and eighth Northern Department. It now has 43,000 inhabitants.

Wattrelos is a city for the young population: almost 60% of the population is under 44 years old.

In the economic sphere, Wattrelos has many advantages for investors: access facilities (two routes open to Belgium in 2004 on the west and east of the city), 90 hectares of brownfield reclaim (Spinning the Sartel, Spinning St. Lievin and Lainière de Roubaix and the  majority of its buildings is actually in the territory of Wattrelos) and development land in business parks to complement the existing offer - especially the area the industrial Martinoire, where is La Redoute largest employer in the city (over 2000 employees), which was the first industrial zone of the Northern Department.

These business parks, currently in development, are three in on the territory of the municipality which must be added the "Union's Zone" which also extends to the neighboring towns of Roubaix and Tourcoing and is one of the largest construction projects in France.
Wattrelos is a working town with an important industrial past that has marked the mentality of its inhabitants. The textile industry in particular has been for a long time the main economic activity of the city. Subsequently, large mail-order companies (VPC) as La Redoute and 3 Suisses settled largely in the territory of Wattrelos.

For decades, these industries have resorted to an important work hand immigrants (Algerian, Marcocain, Portuguese ...) unskilled and certainly less expensive. Naturally, these workers have settled in Wattrelos. Today, there are about 2,600 foreigners on the territory of the city.

The decline of the textile in the 80s (there is no more factory in operation today) and the VPC in the 90s led to the elimination of thousands of jobs. Wattrelos now has an unemploiment rate of more than 20%.



What’s the Milo?

The Milo is an active organization throughout France. It welcomes all young people from 16 to 25 years old to accompany in their job approach, orientation, education, housing, care, citizenship, mobility, sports and hobbies. Website: mission locale de Wattrelos-Leers

Our actions

The Milo organizes employment forums, coffee citizen debate, workshops to prepare the young people employment, actions to mobility (moving to forums, visit businesses, etc.). Discover our actions in pictures:


Les jeunes de la mission locale de Wattrelos-leers au parlement européen Mai 2014 Les jeunes de la mission locale en visite à l'usine de Toyota Les rencontres Pro à la mission locale de Wattrelos Leers Arrivée au forum d'Albertville pour les jeunes de la mission locale


2 3 4


1-Visit Strasbourg parliament : the ninth of may 2014, the Milo has been to Strasbourg parliament with youth group, context of EYE program (website : http://www.europarl.europa.eu/european-youth-event/en/news/news.html) , “meet European young”. At this occasion the young people were able to visit the parliament, to participate citizen workshops, and to end their stay with a vote in the presence of Europeans members of parliament.


2-Visit Toyota factory : context of « Joli mois de l’Europe »(website: http://www.jolimoisnpdc.eu/), Onnaing Toyota factory, opened its door to young people in order to make them discover assembly line.


3-The « rencontres-pro » : engaged with partners (acti-jeunes, horizon9), the Milo organize meetings between professional people and young from neighbourhoods, to accompany them in their project !


2-Alberville Forum : largest forum of France, located in Alps, the Alberville forum employment propose more than 3500 jobs per year ! The Milo accompanied 30 young people to make them get a job.


Discover our association in video:


Follow us on social networks:

Facebook mission locale wattrelos leers Twitter de mission locale de wattrelos leers Youtube de la mission locale de wattrelos leers


Discover our summary of activity 2014:

Context of our actions, the milo works with many partners. One of them get involved specifically the integration and equality questions inside of world of work: FACE.


FACE (fondation "agir contre l'exclusion")

What’s FACE ?

Created in 1993 by 13 french industrial groups, the foundation “agir contre l’exclusion” (act against exclusion, http://www.fondationface.org/) is an association seeking to mobilize businesses in order to foster social innovation and to bring active support for local initiatives struggles against exclusions. The association mobilizes today 4000 businesses everywhere in France


FACE activities

FACE takes action on 5 axes : inside businesses, employment, at school, every day and with actors of the territory. Patronage, rallying, sport, acts of social mediation, integration by culture (and sport), entrepreneurship in schools, social micro-credit, fighting the digital divide, social sponsorship, etc. FACE develop a set of performance tools in order to fight inequality. 


FACE activities FACE couverture du territoire


Partenairship between and Wattrelos-leers milo

Charter of good practices

Face and Wattrelos-Leers MILO worked together since 2008 about discrimination concerns. That’s how the whole staff of the MILO had received a training about discrimination concerns, with the aim of adopting good practices and good habits. This partnership has led to the creation of a charter of good practices. 

Permis Sport Emploi (Sport/job/driver's licence)

A driving license, a job, and sport ! Six young people registered to Milo have joined the Face project on the 31th of march 2014, the program includes some sportive activities, a ten-day trip in a military barracks, a formation to pass the driving license, and finally an internship in one of the fifteen partner companies of FACE ! Let’s see some photos of this action :

permis sport emploi avec la mission locale de wattrelos leers permis sport emploi terrain de sport

More informations on FACE website:


kostenlose Google Maps für Ihre Website




Stephane THIERY
Chargé de mission Jeunesse - Emploi-Insertion
Responsable des Relations Extérieures
Tel: 03 20 65 51 10 
Port: 06 77 26 06 14
Laurent  Santolini
director of mission locale Wattrelos-leers
Nadegda Dimitrova
Members of milo's "conseil d'administration"
Mission locale wattrelos
Thomas Stein
Social mediator to the milo
Mission locale Wattrelos-leers
Anaël Castelein
communication manager
Mission locale Wattrelos-leers
Tel: 0033 683 98 77 15