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- es ist keine Bildbeschreibung verfügbar -Kupferstadt Stolberg

  • 56.191 Inhabitants

  • Area: 98,48  km2

  • Foreign Population: 10%



Economic History:   

  • First settlement in the early stone age.

  • The historic castle was the seat of different noble Families and Dukes

  • Steel-Mining since 14th Century (so called “Reitwerke”)

  • Zinc-Mining and Zinc-smelting; Immigration of workers for zinc-production from 17th till 19th Century

  • The entrepreneurs (and families) lived together with the employees in estates. These places are called “Kupferhof”. Most of them still exist. Today they’re famous sights for tourists.



Economic backbone:

  • Metal-Industry, especially steel (for example Needle-Fabrication) and lead-smelting

  • Production of cosmetic products (for example: parfume), soap and washing-powder.

  • Tourism: Different famous sights: Castle, “Kupferhöfe”, special fauna of calamine with a special feature “Galmeiveilchen” (Viola calaminaria)

  • Proximity to Eifel (Hiking and biking)



Considering the facts: Stolberg had always been a town with a high number of Migrant Workers


80th – 90th Century:   

  • Immigration from eastern Europe

  • Poverty Migration from Africa and Asia


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- es ist keine Bildbeschreibung verfügbar -Stadt Stolberg
Administration for seniors and social affairs

Paul Schäfermeier
Head of departement

Stadt Stolberg
Rathaus, Rathausstraße 11-13

D - 52222 Stolberg (Rhld.)

Phone: +49 (0)2402 - 13-376
Fax: +49 (0)2402 - 13-333

Email: paul.schaefermeier@stolberg.de