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  • 47.000 residents
  • 5th city of the province of Limburg
  • Collaboration with Herzogenrath, Eurode
  • Part of Parkstad Limburg (Kerkrade-Heerlen-Landgraaf-Brunssum)
  • 2.400 companies in the city of Kerkrade
  • 16 million people within a radius of 2 hours


Population structure Kerkrade


Asylum seekers

  • In Kerkrade every year there are a number of asylum seekers housed
  • The Gouvernment decides how many
  • In 2013 : 36
  • In 2014 : 44
  • In 2015 : 85
  • Increase of people and also coming from several countries all over the world



Which countries ?

  • This year the most people are coming from Syria
  • But also Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Soedan, Jemen, China, Thailand, Vietnam, former Yugoslavia
  • And also from Afghanistan, India, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Eritrea and other African countries
  • Also now the first person from North Korea is coming to Kerkrade
  • Noteworthy is the number of different countries that is increasing



Variety of the population in % in Kerkrade

The figures from 2013 showing the following :

  • Dutch residents : 31.900
  • German residents : 8.700
  • Residents from Western Countries : 3.700
  • Residents from the rest of the World : 2.300
  • In % : Dutch 68%, German 19%, Western Countries 8% and the rest of the World 5%
  • So 1 of 20 people in Kerkrade could be seen as an Asylum Seeker



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