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The members of the MINT Network developed several tools aiming to improve integration of migrants, to master the challenges and to use the chances of immigration particularly in small and medium sized municipalities in the European Union. These tools are based on experiences and accumulated knowledge in integration processes in the municipalities of the MINT Network.




The MINT Index is an easy to use tool for the self monitoring of the state of the art of integration in and by small and medium sized municipalities. The result of this self monitoring also indicates which areas of the integration process should be improved and how. The MINT Index furthermore provides information on good and best practices in the municipalities of the MINT Network and other small and medium sized municipalities in the European Union. You can download the MINT INDEX here.

The Spanish version of the MINT INDEX can be downloaded here.




The MINT App is a concept for an application for smartphones aiming to provide first general information for newcomers on their new home and important issues to organized life there. Meanwhile member of the MINT Network have advanced this concept to a practical guide for newcomers with comprehensive information social affairs, housing, culture, religion, mobility, health and care system for young and elderly people, school, vocational training and jobs as well as on leisure activities. You can download the MINT APP here.




The MINT FILM gives an insight into the work of the MINT Project. Members of the MINT Network report on their experiences and conclusions from the 8 MINT Workshops 2014 and 2015. Furthermore the MINT FILM provides additional information on the MINT Association EIIE Emigration, Immigration and Integration in EUrope and how to join it. See the MINT FILM here.




Presentations, analyses and discussions of all 8 MINT Workshops are provided in the MINT REPORTS of Workshop 1-8, which can be downloaded here.




A brief information on the MINT Project, its Network, its results and the MINT Association is provided by the MINT FLYER. Download the MINT FLYER here.




All products and information provided in the course of the MINT Project are compiled in the MINT Manual (DVD) available upon request. Please send your request to: info@eiieu.eu.